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Year Round Earth Removal & Material Delivery Service
11 Cross St. (Large White Warehouse)                 
Carver, MA. 02330  
Office- Call, or TEXT to landline 508-866-4998

*Our materials and office are located at 11 Cross St. in Carver,MA.

*HOURS: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm

Saturday (May-June 15 ONLY) 7am-10am

*5% Military & Veterans discount on all material orders, daily.


We work diligently to provide you with prompt service, quality products, and honest quantities!


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Farm and Landscape Supply Products (Premium products at reasonable prices, pick up or delivery YEAR ROUND)

Premium 5/8" Screened Loam 

Premium Dark Brown Mulch(Organic)

5/8" Black Gold- Premium Loam & Pure Compost Blend

Recycled Asphalt Product (recycle blended & dries gray)

Asphalt Millings (dries light black)

Cape Cod Crushed Sea Shells

3/4" Crushed Concrete

Sandy Fill, or Loam Tailings


Wood Chips  

Screened Sand

Native Blond Infield Mix

Wall Field Stone/Boulders

Native 3/4" Washed Stone

Native 1 1/2" Washed Stone

Biofilter Media (Wastewater Treatment Soil)



Mass DEP certified Title 5 Inspections/ Title V

Clear Bulk Water (Picked Up)


High Floatation Material Spreader




   ***We will gladly accept green waste materials 7 days a week.  Please no large stumps, haz-mat, logs, plastic, synthetics, or pollutants.  

Thank You***