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*Our materials and office are located at 11 Cross St. in Carver,MA.

*HOURS: MARCH-JUNE  Monday through Friday 7am-4pm. Saturday 7am-10:45am. JULY-FEBRUARY  Monday through Friday 7am-4pm, or by pre made appointment, please.

*5% Military & Veterans discount on all material orders, daily.


We work diligently to provide you with prompt service, quality products, and honest quantities!


Delivery Prices

***6 wheeler holds up to 10 yards soil,

14 mulch/wood chips.

$60 minimum


$235 as far as Braintree/Milton &


***Triaxle holds up to 20 yards soil,

25 yards mulch/woodchips.

$75 minimum


$265 as far as Braintree/Milton &


***Semi Trailer holds up to 28 yards soil,

32 yards mulch/woodchips.

$92 minimum


$285 as far as Braintree/Milton &


(usually does not go to residentials)

Native 3/4" & 1 1/2 " Washed Stone

3-10 yards $35 per yard plus tax.

11+ yards $33 per yard plus tax.

Delivery based on distance.

*Used in many applications; walk ways, drainage, driveways, parking, patios,

landscapes, gardens, wastewater treatment systems, etc.

*Low maintenance for covered areas including flower beds

*Natural curb appeal

Premium Dark Brown Mulch

$27 per yard plus tax.

Delivery based on distance.

*Organic mulch product

*NO dyes, NO hazmat, NO pallets

*A premium product @ an unbeatable price!



3-10 yards $15 per yard plus tax.

11+ yards $13 per yard plus tax.

Delivery based on distance.

*Mined from the ground, or sand bank

*Rich in Minerals


*Screened, or unscreened



 Asphalt Gravel (Recycled Asphalt Product) 

(dries medium gray)

3-9 yards $20 per yard plus tax.

10+ yards $18 per yard plus tax.

Delivery based on distance.

  • Driveways, Parking lots, base coats, walk ways, etc.
  • Cost effective 
  • Best when compacted
  • Fraction of the price of paved asphalt

RAP is processed from asphalt excavation to a -1" gradation for use as

a base material for both public and private projects. It is a cost effective

product that is an alternative to virgin gravel products and suitable for

fine grading applications. 

Loam Tailings

*Cheap fill $3 per yard

*By product of the loam screening process

*Excellent for non paved roads/ driveways


*Economical vs alternatives

Green Waste Recycle

*Environmentally friendly

*Ecologically responsible

*Free drop off except for brush, charges apply. Permit available.


Field Stone/Boulders

$69 per yard plus tax.

Delivery based on distance.

*Native to New England

*Used for walls, rock gardens, water scapes & gardens, borders, creative concepts, indoor

& out door fireplaces, entry ways, showers, out door kitchen & patio areas, etc.

*Mined right from the source, pay less then a road side distributor

*Sold by volume (cubic yard), NOT by the ton (weight)

*Vary in sizes from appx. 8"- 30"

Asphalt Millings

3-9 yards $32 per yard plus tax.

10+ yards $28 per yard plus tax.

Delivery based on distance.

*Scalped from existing roads, highways, and sidewalks

*May contain a small amount of stone

*Closest product to paved asphalt, at a fraction of the cost

*Excellent for private roads and driveways

*Make efficient use of a waste product

*Black in color, dries light black

*We install and compact at your request


 Cape Cod Sea Shells

3-10cy $36/cy + tax

11+ cy $34/cy + tax

* A wonderful blend of various sea shells gathered right from the shores of

Cape Cod beaches and areas beyond.

* Beautiful accent to beds, walkways, driveways, garden areas, etc.

* Capture the highly desired Cape Cod look on your property.































Farm and Landscape Supply Products (Premium products at reasonable prices, pick up or delivery YEAR ROUND)

Premium 1/2" Screened Loam 

Premium Dark Brown Mulch(Organic)

Black Gold- Premium Loam & Pure Compost Blend

Recycled Asphalt Product (dries gray)

Asphalt Millings (dries light black)

Cape Cod Crushed Sea Shells

Sandy Fill, or Loam Tailings


Wood Chips  

Screened Sand

Processed Gravel

Native Blond Infield Mix

Wall Field Stone/Boulders

Native 3/4" Washed Stone

Native 1 1/2" Washed Stone

Biofilter Media (Wastewater Treatment Soil)



Mass DEP certified Title 5 Inspections/ Title V

Clear Bulk Water (Picked Up)


Gravel & Earth Removal


Skid Steer (Rental with op)

Bulldozer Grading (Rental with op)

Gravel & Sea Shell Driveways

Excavation (Rental with op)

Read 90 Screen-All (Rental)

High Floatation Material Spreader

Roller Service




   ***We will gladly accept green waste materials 7 days a week.  Please no large stumps, haz-mat, logs, plastic, synthetics, or pollutants.  

Thank You***