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Year Round Material Delivery Service
11 Cross St. (Large White Warehouse)                 
Carver, MA. 02330  
Office- Call, or TEXT to landline 508-866-4998

*Our materials and office are located at 11 Cross St. in Carver,MA.

*HOURS: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm

*5% Military & Veterans discount on all material orders, daily.

We work diligently to provide you with prompt service, quality products, and honest quantities!




Trucking Charges

Call today for delivery and material pricing, Carver, MA.

***6 wheeler holds up to 10 yards soil

$75 minimum to $245 as far as Braintree/Milton & Barnstable.

***Triaxle holds up to 22 yards soil

$90 minimum to $275 as far as Braintree/Milton & Barnstable.

Premium Screened Loam

*High in organics

*$20/cy plus tax

*Delivery charges based on distance

*Ideal for lawn plantings 

* 3cy minimum

50/50 Compost/ Screened Loam Blend

*$32 per cubic yard plus tax.

*Extra organics and nutrient/mineral deposits.

*Excellent option for veg gardens, lawn dressing,

horticultural, etc.

*2 cy minimum

Processed Gravel, Material Pricing, Carver, MA

Wood Chips

3 yard minimum


Delivery based on distance

Medium grade chips


Fill / Loam Tailings

5 yard minimum

$10 per yard

Cheap fill and dirt road/parking area material

 Reprocessed Asphalt Product  

The asphalt is reprocessed into aggregate sized

material to make gravel base or mixed in with

recycled concrete and native materials(stone) to

make aggregate base materials.  Dries dark grey.

May contain pieces of brick and small stone.

$25 per cubic yard plus tax.

3 yard minimum


3/4" Native Stone

*Used in many applications; walk ways, drainage, driveways, parking, patios,

landscapes, gardens, wastewater treatment systems, etc.

*Low maintenance for covered areas including flower beds

*Natural curb appeal


*2cy minimum





Farm and Landscape Supply Products

(Premium products at reasonable prices, pick up or delivery YEAR ROUND)

Premium 5/8" Screened Loam

Compost/Screened Loam blend 50/50 

Natural Brown Mulch (Organic)

Black Mulch

Screened Sand


3/4" Native Stone

Loam Tailings Fill 

Wood Chips

6"-18" Rock/Boulders 

2'-3' Boulders

3/4" Washed Stone (Dark Gray when WET, Blueish when DRY)

Reprocessed Asphalt Product (RAP)


High Floatation Cranberry Bog Sanding