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*Our materials and office are located at 11 Cross St. in Carver,MA.

*HOURS: Monday-Friday 7am-3pm

Saturday (May-June 15 ONLY) 7am-10am

*5% Military & Veterans discount on all material orders, daily.


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Delivery Prices & Material Pricing

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***6 wheeler holds up to 10 yards soil,

14 mulch/wood chips.

$60 minimum


$235 as far as Braintree/Milton &


***Triaxle holds up to 20 yards soil,

25 yards mulch/woodchips.

$75 minimum


$265 as far as Braintree/Milton &


***Semi Trailer holds up to 28 yards soil,

32 yards mulch/woodchips.

$92 minimum


$285 as far as Braintree/Milton &


(usually does not go to residentials)

Our Premium Screened Loam

3-10 Yards $15 per yard plus tax.

11 + yards $12 per yard plus tax.

Delivery fee based on distance.

After loam is excavated fom the Earth, mixed, and stockpiled,

we screen the loam to typically 5/8" in size.  This process

involves running the material through a processing plant, or

screener.  The screen will sift the loam to a set screen size.  This

will produce a screened loam free of rocks, sticks, roots, and

debris larger then 5/8" in diameter.  The by product is called

loam tailings. They make an excellent fill or packable off road


* 1/2" screened

* Mostly dry for ease of spreading

* Mixed using organics

* Able to drain to prevent excessive puddling/root rot

* Sold by the cubic yard

Sandy Fill

5 yard minimum

5-10 yards $8 per yard plus tax. 

11 + yards $7.50 per yard plus tax.

Delivery fee based on distance.

*Used for filling, raising grades, voids, etc. 

*Very clean/ Contains some smaller debris, but NO LARGE debris




Black Gold, Material Pricing, Carver, MA Black Gold (Grow Soil Blend)

3-10 yards $28 per yard plus tax.

11+ yards $25 per yard plus tax.

Delivery fee based on distance.

*Rich, organic base, moisture sparing, drainability

* 1/2" Screened

*Made with biodegraded material high in organics and screened loam

*Huge "bang for the buck" potential

Processed Gravel, Material Pricing, Carver, MA

1 1/2" Processed Gravel

3-10 yards $17 per yard plus tax.

11+ yards $15 per yard plus tax.

Delivery fee based on distance.

* Used in foundations, gravel roads/driveways, filling voids, packing etc

* Screened to 1 1/2" 

* Versatile material with excellent packability

Horse Arena Custom Mix, Material Pricing, Carver, MA

 Horse Arena Custom Mix

Pricing same as Gravel Pricing above^

* Used in outdoor and indoor applications

* 1/2" screened

* Proper mix for footing

* Fine grain size

Native Blond Infield Mix, Material Pricing, Carver, MA

 Native Blond Infield Mix 

Pricing same as Gravel Pricing above^

* Properly blended

* Holds moisture, but drains properly

* Semi-firm packability

* Provides a safe playing surface

* Meticulously screened 



  Wood Chips


Delivery based on distance.










Farm and Landscape Supply Products (Premium products at reasonable prices, pick up or delivery YEAR ROUND)

Premium 5/8" Screened Loam 

Premium Dark Brown Mulch(Organic)

5/8" Black Gold- Premium Loam & Pure Compost Blend

Recycled Asphalt Product (recycle blended & dries gray)

Asphalt Millings (dries light black)

Cape Cod Crushed Sea Shells

3/4" Crushed Concrete

Sandy Fill, or Loam Tailings


Wood Chips  

Screened Sand

Native Blond Infield Mix

Wall Field Stone/Boulders

Native 3/4" Washed Stone

Native 1 1/2" Washed Stone

Biofilter Media (Wastewater Treatment Soil)



Mass DEP certified Title 5 Inspections/ Title V

Clear Bulk Water (Picked Up)


High Floatation Material Spreader




   ***We will gladly accept green waste materials 7 days a week.  Please no large stumps, haz-mat, logs, plastic, synthetics, or pollutants.  

Thank You***